Pure Ohio Wellness is an Ohio based company consisting of a Level 1 cultivation facility, two dispensaries and a processing facility founded by professional motorcycle rider, Larry Pegram. We are made up of a group of passionate people that have come together with the common goal of growing, producing and dispensing only the highest quality products at an affordable price.  We respect you- the patient, the environment, and the communities in which we operate. 


At Pure Ohio Wellness, our do-unto-other’s philosophy dictates we use only natural ingredients in our cultivation.  We strongly believe that what we do is superior due to the diligence, passion, integrity, and social consciousness we use during each step of production, from seed to sale.  Our goal is to serve the patients of Ohio safely and affordably, one flower at a time. 


Pure Ohio Wellness Dispensaries are committed to improving the lives of Ohio patients by providing only the best medical marijuana products at affordable prices.  Our customer service representatives are highly trained to assist you in choosing the right product and delivery method for your qualifying condition and comfort level.  We are an Ohio based, Ohio operated, Ohio owned company, so you can rest assured your dollar stays in Ohio when you shop with Pure Ohio Wellness.


Pure Ohio Wellness Processing shares the commitment to quality and purity and processes all of our distillates and oils to the purest, clearest, most natural form we can achieve, while leaving in the natural terpenes and cannabinoids you need to achieve the medicinal quality you are looking for.  This will give you a superior vaping experience and eliminates the harsh qualities you find with other processed products.  

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