At Pure Ohio Processing, our mission is to create pure, clean medicine created from our high-quality biomass grown locally in Mad River Township, Ohio. We believe in the healing properties of the cannabis plant and strive to retain all the medicinal properties without additives. You will find the Pure Ohio Wellness strains that you love, in a convenient processed product.

With the release of our first CO2 Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge, we have created a processed product that is “as close to the plant” as possible. The oil used is strain specific and boasts cannabis derived terpenes and cannabinoids found native to the plant it was extracted from. This attention to detail during the extraction process boosts the medical potential and maximizes the entourage effect. As we add to our product line, we will carry this attention to maintaining the integrity of the cannabis plant in our processed products.

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Cody Tackett
 MG 2405
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Cody Tackett (Extraction Operations Specialist) 
Outside of work, I find myself relaxing with friends and family. When I am not relaxing, I am either traveling or researching. 

Essentially, my career path has always been medicinal cannabis. I started working in the medical cannabis industry in California, during Prop 215. Seeing all the people who used cannabis for medical purposes in both Northern and Southern California was an eye opener. Watching the evolution of the cannabis industry and the products available really attracted me to the extraction field. 

I love processing a beautiful and intriguing plant into a concentrated and highly therapeutic extract. Knowing that this one plant provides patients with diverse aliments relief is what makes it so beneficial! Here at Pure Ohio in 2021, we plan to release our Strain Specific CO2 Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge derived from Pure Ohio strains you already know and love into the Ohio Market. (Stay tuned for detailed information about our Strain Specific CO2 Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge.) The oil used in our Strain Specific CO2 Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge will have the exact Cannabis Derived Terpenes and Cannabinoids found native to the plant it was extracted from. This attention to detail boosts the medical potential and maximizes the Entourage Effect. We’ve also designed and completed sustainable ocean plastic and hemp paper packaging for these products! 

If you really want to get into the Industry look for job opportunities and keep a positive mentality. The cannabis industry is growing fast and the need for passionate and driven members is growing along with it. 

Working in the frontlines has been no different from a quality of work standpoint because we’re always operating in a clean and sterile environment to produce the highest quality cannabis extract possible. However, being able to provide patients with a steady supply of proper medicine during the pandemic is a wonderful feeling. 

I am looking forward to the medical program maturing, the patient base growing in numbers and education, as well as an evolution of program rules to better suit all parties!